Monitor Chassis serviced and recapped (02.24).
Monitor clear and bright
Very small patch of very slight burn. Not visible in game. Not visible to my eyes on white screen.
PSU serviced and recapped (02.24).
Converted to run natively on 240v (no step-down required).
New repro control panel.
New buttons (All Sanwa).
New bulb
Sanwa sticks.
Original Sega locks and keys.
Original finish (has not been re-sprayed).
Interior generally very clean, some dust.
Anti glare coating very clean

Some scuffs, scratches etc
Breakout board accessible from rear (short cable).

Collection in person preferred.
Buyer to collect or arrange shipping from Bury, UK.
Can be palleted and blanketed for transit.
Help with UK shipping may be possible. 
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